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This little Cretan village, has already entered the orbit of tourism development since some hotels-resorts have been built here. However, it still remains a quiet and picturesque traditional village with lots of cafes and taverns with fresh fish and local dishes, while all kind of amenities provided. There is also a lovely pebbly beach you should definitely visit!

Ravdoucha Beach

The beach of Ravdoucha is a small one and quite secluded but it’s a beautiful sight, with crystal clear waters and an imposing cliff at the end of its coastal length. It looks like a lagoon and the water is beautiful in color. Ravdoucha is not a sought after destination, but it is the ideal one for the lonely swimmers seeking for peace and quiet.


The seaside village of Nopigia is located 6km west of Kamara village. In front of the village lies a vast pebbly beach with shallow waters, full of restaurants, cafes and beach bars.

Mavros Molos

Mavros Molos beach is located just in front of Kissamos town, 11km west of Kamara. It is the most organized beach of the area, with sunbeds, umbrellas and other amenities available. It is a great sandy beach with relatively shallow waters. Here, one can also enjoy fresh fish and a pleasant swimming experience. West of Mavros Molos main beach, there is a smaller cove which is never crowded and is suitable for snorkeling.


Kissamos or Kastelli is the center of commercial activities in the area, 11 kilometres from Kamara. It is a small city of 3.000 inhabitants, most of them of agricultural occupation, surrounded by beautiful landscape. Its wonderful seaside paved road is ideal for anyone to enjoy the sunset as well as a dinner or a refreshing drink. From the port of Kissamos daily cruises will take you to the breathtaking beaches of Gramvousa island with the Venetian Castle and Balos with the tropical waters!


Platanias is a seaside village 18Km away from Kamara, and it is the most cosmopolitan destination of West Crete, with intense nightlife and a large tourist shopping center.

Falassarna Beach

The exotic beach of Falassarna is located 26Km west of Kamara. One of the most famous beaches of the world, which has been awarded as the best beach of Crete. The landscape under the colours of the sunset is unique while the crystal waters are of a rare green-blue colour. The main beach is fully organized with all amenities, cafes, taverns, beach bars and there is also the ability to try water sports!

Elafonissi Beach

Elafonissi is located 47Km away from Villa Panareti. It is a very small island very close to the coast, which you can reach by swimming or even walking through the shallow waters of the small naturally shaped lagoon. It is extremely impressive due to the many dunes with sand lilies, but mostly because of the one of a kind pink sand, taking its colour from thousands of broken shells. The beach is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bars.


The island of Imeri Gramvousa is 26km northwest of Kamara village and 2 miles northwest of the famous lagoon of Balos. Gramvousa is famous for its historical Venetian fortress, standing at a height of 137m over the beach and is definitely worth visiting. On the south side of the island there are two large bays, with an old ship wreck being between them.

Balos Lagoon

The famous lagoon of Balos is located approximately 25km northwest of Panareti Villa, near the Cape Gramvousa. There is one option to arrive by car, but you will have to reach the beach on foot. Alternatively, you can reach the beach with the cruise boat and enjoy the calmness and view. There are many daily cruises to Gramvousa and Balos from Kastelli and Chania. At first sight, visitors are speechless by the colour alterations of green and blue in the water!

Monastery of Gonia

The monastery of Gonia, or the “Lady of the Angels Monastery of Gonia”, is built right outside the edge of Kolymbari. It has suffered many disasters of various conquerors, due to the fact that the monastery was a center of resistance to all the struggles of Crete. Still, many relics of the monastery such as pictures, antique books and historical documents, vestments and other precious treasures are preserved. Near the monastery is the Orthodox Academy of Crete, an institution with a great religious and cultural work. 


Menies or Diktina beach is 24km away from Villa Panareti. Please note that the access is very difficult due to bad road up to the beach. It’s worth it though, since the beach is of unparalleled beauty. It is a small bay with crystal clear deep blue waters, secluded and without any infrastructure, preserving its natural beauty. As there aren’t any amenities or facilities nearby and for quite a long distance, make sure you have all things necessary!

Destinations worth visiting

Omalos – Samaria Gorge

50Km away from the village of Kamara, is Omalos Plateau, the entrance to the famous gorge of Samaria. The excursion up to the Plateau is worth visiting all year round, as the landscape and the route are enchanting. At the Plateau there are many traditional taverns and cafes to enjoy local products. During summer, you may combine it with the Samaria Gorge if you enjoy hiking. The Gorge is an area of stunning natural beauty, a national park with excellent examples of Cretan flora and fauna.


Paleochora, a place also well known as the “Libyan Bride” is 49km away from Kamara village. It is a coastal town with two beaches, an east pebbly one and a west sandy one. Between the two beaches, the town is offering every kind of entertainment. On your way to Palaiochora, you may find the village of Kandanos, which was completely ruined by Germans in 1941.

Chania Old Port

Masterfully constructed in the 14th century, for commercial purposes and for protection against pirates, the Venetian Port of Chania is nowadays the most prominent, photographed as well as magic part of the city of Chania.
At any time of the day, a stroll in the port and the old town is a wonderful idea. At night, the old port is full of life with many options for entertainment.